Not All Men Are Dogs. It’s You Who Picked One!

The girl who’ll be crying herself to sleep, every single night,

Have you already started brooding over my texts, my words, the lies I whisper in your ears? Congratulations! You’ve finally begun sliding into my trap. I’m a robber and it’s you who’ll hand me your money. I’m a hacker and it’s you who’ll bless me with the password. I’m on my knees to clutch you with my claws, to squeeze your neck and make you breathless, and soon, you’ll beg me for freedom. But even if I set you free, you will crave to come back. Before you know, you’ll fall for this imprisonment and there won’t be a way out.
Well, it’s just the beginning. Shit is gonna happen soon!

I know you’re high on love. But wanting me will come with a hefty price. And don’t fall prey to my I LOVE YOUs! I’m a pro at faking feelings. You’ll wake up to my good morning text and sleep with a kiss on your forehead. Yes, I’m the wrong guy but I’ll say the right things, at least for a while. You’re on my radar and I’ll do whatever it takes to drag you into this mess. But the honeymoon period won’t last forever. Now that you are mine, tables will soon turn!

I’ll pretend to be jealous of every guy you talk to and you won’t take a second to brush them all off, will you? I’ll sway you into believing that my love is all you need. Why on Earth will you struggle with your career then? I’ll make you bunk your classes. I’ll make you toss your dreams aside. After all I need to make you an unarmed warrior, with no friends or family, no passion or inspiration, no support to count on, just me and nothing else. Yes, you’ll be warned, not just once but a thousand times by the people who genuinely care for you. But will you listen to them? I bet you won’t!

Now that I know you ain’t going anywhere, I’ll start picking flaws in you. Those freckles on your face will bother you like hell. That bulging tummy will haunt you till you hit the gym. You’ll cry yourself to sleep and wake up the next morning with those puffy eyes and a daunting headache. Insecurity will scrape your soul but you won’t cease to invest every ounce of your energy in trying to top my priority list. Such is my love, baby!

How can I afford to let you use your brain? I need to make you a meek puppet dancing to my tunes. That office trip you were desperately waiting for, I won’t let you go, baby. That cute little black dress you loved in the store, I won’t let you wear it, baby. You won’t be allowed to take your own decisions. You won’t be a free bird that you once were. An independent woman of substance in her CV will soon turn into a caged bird trapped behind the bars of my commands. But you’re gonna love it anyways. Because I CARE for you. Your wings will be waiting for my green light to spread but you won’t complain. Because I CARE for you, in your head!

And that’s when I’ll hit the masterstroke. The weapon I was holding onto to use in the final stage of the game – the weapon of IGNORANCE. I’ll bring the worst in you, make you feel like a useless piece of flesh and pull back my shoulder exactly when you need one to cry on. You’ll crave me, miss me like hell and beg me to flip things like before. Of course I’ll love you, as long as you serve my purpose. You’ll die a bit everyday but who will you seek comfort from? You didn’t listen to your family, remember? You accused your friends of jealousy, remember? Now what? Pretend that things are fine or live in the fear of being made fun of. And what will you prefer? You’ll struggle to put in words what this relationship has done to you. Don’t worry, you’ll learn to fake it, soon, like every hopeless romantic does!

Time will run and one fine day, we’ll break up. Either you’ll realize that I’m not worth it or I’ll dump you and you’ll eventually move on. The wounds will heal but the scars will refuse to go. You’ll turn out into this emotionless zombie who thinks that all men are dogs. Are they? Or you picked one? Some sugar-coated words were all I needed to make you blush. Does chivalry and heart not even count? You served yourself on a platter to be fed upon by an asshole. That too, by falling for a beard, some biceps and a few cheesy pick-up lines. But guess what? Love does exist. Just open your blindfold, switch on your instincts, and pick your man wisely. RISE IN LOVE, BABY, DON’T FALL IN IT!

The guy who’ll keep you waiting for your phone to beep, every single night

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Not All Men Are Dogs. It’s You Who Picked One!

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