An Open Letter To Every Student Who Wants To Grow-Up Once Again!

Every dreamer who’s getting his aspirations crushed beneath the textbooks,

Hope you’re doing well! You’ve already taken the cake by enrolling for a course that you’re least passionate about. So before you grab some ice to soothe those burns, let me pop a question – WHY THE HELL? Why the hell mug up a good chunk of those textbooks to vomit it all on the exam sheets the next day? Why the hell struggle with attendances, assignments and grades just to snag a degree that might not even pay you off in future? Why the hell drool over your long dumped piece of arts and wonder if you could ever flaunt them with pride? Instead of googling how to fit in, can’t you just gather some guts and blurt it out that you don’t belong here? Have you already stopped dreaming or those pending assignments don’t let you sleep anymore?

I know your parents are dying to see you crowned with a graduation cap, but are those four years really worth an education loan and all the hassle? A graduation alone won’t get you an ill-ventilated cubicle and a blue ID card. By the time you’d be done with a plethora of degrees to grace your CV, a 9-to-5 job would bless you with a stable life but no passion to count on. Happiness would stay in your bank account for the first few weeks before piled up bills and well-deserved weekends swipe it off. Five days a week, you’d be banging your head to dig out some ideas and make your boss richer, the rest two would slip away before a boring Monday strikes again.

Yes, you’d be settled, in the head of those curious neighbors and competitive batchmates. But why settle for a life when you can paint your own story? Why crave a paycheck when you can earn your own revenues? Before you jump to any half-baked conclusions, hold on and read this. I don’t intend to manipulate your minds and make you give your ambitions a second thought. If you aspire to nail it in your course studies, good for you. But if you have a buried dream that has nothing to do with those semesters you’re choking yourself to pass through, ditch the conventional way, and do it now!

Those dusty manuscripts ain’t meant to be tossed in a bookshelf. That guitar deserves to be taken out and played once again. A blank canvas is dying to be painted. The voice of your soul wishes to be heard by the crowd. If you won’t do it for yourself, do it for them!

Easier said than done? Trust me, if you really have a knack for something, you don’t need to have a master plan with how things would play out. A formal degree, a monotonous job and a stereotyped lifestyle or a dream, a project, that makes you jump out of bed and kick off your mornings. Take your pick!

One of you who chose to walk on the road less taken

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An Open Letter To Every Student Who Wants To Grow-Up Once Again!

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